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I make textured/harmonic things primarily with guitar, tapes & voice, complemented by Polaroid SX70 and 600 analog photos. Preoccupied equally by patterns, pop structures, and decay, I've released six albums with kranky as well as other works for Morr Music, Beacon Sound and Past Inside the Present. As I operate independently at my home workspace (La Berceuse / The Lullaby) in Brooklyn, a few dollars each month through this subscription will provide the means for handmade projects, facilitate the acquisition of new analog devices & camera film, and keep groceries in the kitchen.

Subscribers will receive at least one new, exclusive song per month, as well as previews and first-dibs on upcoming releases, peeks into current photographic efforts, a 15% discount on physical editions, and anything else worth updating. I am extremely grateful for the support I've received over the years through Bandcamp and elsewhere, and while there are pragmatic benefits to Spotify and the like, the financial rewards are essentially nonexistent -- so a reliable, regular income of *any* amount for a musician is a rare blessing indeed. Thanks so much for looking & considering ; I'm open to all comments and communications.

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